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At A&A Spray Foam Insulation, we take care of all your building's insulation needs.A&A Spray Foam Insulation, Inc. is a family company owned and independently operated by Dennis Schleder based in Catharine, Kansas. Dennis is the only authorized, licensed Dealer of Icynene® in Northwest Kansas.

A&A Spray Foam Insulation, Inc. is available for projects large and small, residential and commercial in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Suitable for all building types, with Icynene's products you can create an efficient, draft-free, noise-free, and pollution-free environment… with air that is healthy to breathe Icynene manufactures its products with three objectives in mind – to create Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® indoor environments.

Icynene’s products are suitable for steel- or wood- framed residential or commercial construction No job is too large or too small for us to handle. The scope in these projects includes exterior walls, rim joist or beam pocket locations, cathedral ceilings, and attic spaces to name just a few.

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If you are contemplating a renovation project, or have plans to design a new custom home, A&A Spray Foam Insulation, Inc. can help you with your Icynene® insulation needs. We offer complete site prepwork and cleanup after the job is done.

Take the time to consider what Icynene® can do for you today. We offer free quotes and estimates and will get them to you in a timely manner.

If you would like an estimate, please call us at (785) 259-6737 or toll free at 855-504-6002.

Follow the Leader

  • Icynene is the leading brand of open cell spray foam on the market today, and the #1 spray foam in North America for residential applications.
  • Icynene pioneered the use of water-blown insulation technology that didn't require the use of harmful elements such as urea formaldehyde, PBDEs or synthetic blowing agents - and did it nearly a quarter century ago.
  • In the past 10 years more than 3 billion board feet of Icynene has been installed in residential and commercial projects.
  • Icynene has been installed in more than 300,000 residential and commercial projects.
  • Icynene has been utilized year after year in The New American Homedemonstration project.
  • Icynene products are only installed by trained and licensed Icynene installers who must complete and pass a comprehensive certification training program.

What is Icynene?

Icynene LD half-pound product is foam insulation sprayed into walls, floors, and ceilings by licensed dealers. Sprayed on as a thick liquid, it expands 100 times by volume in seconds to create a superior insulation and air barrier - every nook and cranny electrical box, duct, and exterior penetration is effortlessly sealed.

No more random air leakage or energy robbing drafts to worry about, it adheres to everything and is great for basements, interior or exterior, and/or crawlspaces. Whether you plan to build with wood or metal, the Icynene insulation material will deliver the performance you can count on.


Brouchures/Case Studies

Interested in reading more about Icynene? Click here to find links to several PDF brochures about the material, and Case Studies detailing how it has been used on various projects.